Arkansas River Valley Kennels

We are a small hobby breeder located in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley 40 miles northwest of Little Rock.  We specialize in the beautiful and rare silver, charcoal and dilute factored labrador retrievers.


Arkansas River Valley Kennel labs are AKC registered, vet checked, with excellent bloodlines. From Maine to Texas, we searched the US for the labs we wanted to begin our hobby with. Our Labrador Retrievers are a very loyal breed and make excellent companions, hunters, and watch dogs. We view our labs as part of the family. When they are not in our home or yard, they reside in a climate controlled kennel with freedom to roam in a fenced yard. 


We would like to thank the owners and breeders we adopted our canine family from, who have all been such a huge help, a wealth of information, and support.

We would also like to thank you for taking a look at our site and please note this site is still a work in progress. 

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More New Videos Posted!!! 

Black Collar - December 13, 2014
ARV Kennels - Silver Factored Chocolate 2013
Max - Fall 2014 - ARV Kennels

The American Kennel Club has revealed their list of the 10 most popular dog breeds of 2013, with the Labrador Retriever taking the top spot for the 23rd year in a row. It is the longest run of popularity for any dog breed since the AKC's founding in 1884.

ARV Kennels DU Puppy 2014

ARV Kennels DU Puppy 2013

Boss - Spring 2013
Boss - Fall 2014 - ARV Kennels
Boss - ARV Kennels DU Lab Winter 2013/14
Boss - ARV Kennels DU Lab 2014/15
Chief - ARV Kennels McGhee 2014

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